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          • 8 pcs Used MQRF Purifiers made by Buhler

          Contact Information: E-mail:bartyoung2013@yahoo.com Mob:+ 86 18537121208 www.buhler-flour-mill-machinery.com www.used-flour-machinery.com www.icpvideo.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/usedflourmachine/

          Detail Extra

          Supplier Information:

          Company Name: Bart Importing And Exporting Limited. 

          Contact Person: Bart Yang.

          Email: bartyoung2013@yahoo.com 

          Cell/ WhatsApp: 8618537121208.

          Products Equipments List

          FOB Price in USD

          Buhler MDDK Roller Mill250/1000: USD15000-USD18000/pc. 

          Buhler MDDL-eight fold Roller Mill250/1000: USD25000-USD28000/pc. 

          Sangati Roller mill 250/1000: USD8000-USD10000/pc. 

          Sangati-eight fold roller mill 250/1000: USD16000-USD18000/pc.

          Sangati Plansifter 8/28 740 plan sifter: USD8000-USD10000/pc.

          GBS Roller Mill 250/1000: USD15000-USD17500/pc.

          Buhler MPAH8 8/28 Plansifter 740 Plansifter: USD 20000-USD22000/pc.

          Buhler Airlock: USD300-USD350/pc.

          Buhler Flow Scale: USD5000-USD5500/pc. 

          Buhler Flow Balancer: USD1500-USD2000/pc. 

          Buhler Impact Detacher: USD1500-USD2000/pc. 

          Buhler PLC control Unit Cabine: USD5000/set. 

          Buhler MQRF46/200: USD11500-USD13000/pc. 

          Buhler MTRB Separator/MTSC Combinator: USD8000-USD11000/pc. 

          Buhler MKLA Bran Finisher: USD5000-USD6000/pc. 

          Sangati Purifer: USD8000-USD10000/pc.

          Payment: 100% before shipping.  50% down payment after receiving Down Payment Invoice. 

          Place of Shipment: Shanghai Port, China      

          Delivery Time: Confirmed by Ordering Quantity.

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